Saint. Parumala Thirumeni

The Christians of Ullannoor considered it their great privilege to have our beloved Parumala Thirumeni lay the foundation stone for the Church on 27 January 1899. The grandeur and joy with which the people of Ullannoor, irrespective of religion, received Parumala Thirumeni on the day was beyond anything that the land had ever witnessed. He was received on a Palanquin by a huge procession accompanied by Music, a Spirit of Unity, unbridled enthusiasm and Joy.

The Holiness that shone from His Presence made the people forget their hardships and they praised God for this God-given honor. The Spirit of Thirumeni resides in the land, showering blessings upon the land and its people, offering strength and solace during times of struggle, guidance and hope during times of indecision.